Internet Acceptable Use

Library Computer Policies

The Wellsville Carnegie Public Library is pleased to offer this service to our patrons. OPLIN access will allow our patrons to utilize information resources from around the world. It will enhance the Library's mission to provide for the informational and educational needs of the community. In order to offer quality service to all, potential users must demonstrate adequate computer skills and agree to follow the policy guidelines outlined below. In addition, due to the controversial nature of some material which may be available, a parent or legal guardian must grant permission for any child under the age of 18 to use the workstation.




1. All users must demonstrate adequate computer ability before using the workstation for the first time. Patrons will be asked to perform specific tasks and answer select questions correctly before permission is granted to use the workstation. All users must hold a valid Wellsville Carnegie Public Library borrowers card before applying to use the OPLIN workstation, and/or sign for a minor.

2. Use of the workstation will be limited to half-hour time increments and only one person at a time may be seated at the computer. Patrons may sign up for a time slot on a first-come, first-served basis, or register in advance on the same day they wish to use the workstation.

3. The patron and/or guardian is liable for any damages done to the hardware and/or software of the workstation, and for any illegal or unethical acts performed through the system. This is not limited to physical damage or vandalism. Tampering with local or remote computer files and/or committing legal or ethical violations of acceptable use will result in permanent loss of OPLIN privileges at the Library and could also result in financial liability and/or criminal charges.

4. Patrons will have access to all free Internet sites, including graphical resources on the World Wide Web. In the interest of protecting free speech and privacy, library staff will not monitor an individual's use of the work station. However, since the computer screen is in full view of all patrons, library staff reserve the right to prohibit display of visual images containing nudity, obscenity, or graphic violence. Patrons will receive one warning regarding this rule. A second violation will result in permanent loss of workstation privileges at the library. Acceptability of screen displays will be left to the discretion of supervising library staff.

5. Library staff will instruct patrons in how to logon and logoff, and other basic procedures particular to our system. Staff will not provide any further instruction or perform searches for patrons. Books for instruction are available at the library. The workstation is designed and intended for patrons with some knowledge and experience in using the Internet. Library staff cannot be expected to be familiar with all available resources. Patrons are responsible for verifying the accuracy of any material located.
6. Users may download files to floppy disks, however, downloading to the workstation's hard drive is expressly prohibited. Only patrons with the proper knowledge and experience should attempt any form of downloading or file transfer. Users will be responsible for any damage as outlined.

Information and resources available through the OPLIN workstation enhance those already available in the Library and often go beyond what is locally available. Users are encouraged to take advantage of those resources and to exercise good judgment and discretion in their use of them.